Lab Work & Blood Chemistry Analysis

Your blood scores are your health "blueprint". Many times we get our routine physical including a blood draw-maybe once a year, and we get the phone call from our doctor's office stating "Bloodwork looks good…all normal." We think to ourselves, "How can I be normal and still feel sick and tired?" Normal blood scores aren't good enough! At Living Well, we look at your blood work from a functional and optimal perspective. Amy Richardson, CNT is certified in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

Get Your Map To Health

Experience the difference and get answers:

  • We can run a multitude of tests, at a fraction of the cost, regardless of insurance coverage.
  • We spend time analyzing your personal lab results, and offer recommendations in a thorough one hour lab review with you— going over every marker so you understand and can learn about how YOUR body is functioning.
  • Tests include: hormones, vitamin deficiencies, complete thyroid function, liver and kidney function, inflammation, anemias, diabetes, fatty acids, digestive wellness, food sensitivities, and so much more.
  • We review you from an optimal and functional perspective and dive deep—not just checking for high/low values.
  • We track your progress and values over time and provide purposeful recommendations specific to your lab results.
  • We offer Phlebotomy in our clinic with LabCorp and have results within 3 business days.

Schedule your blood draw today to get answers, clarification and direction.