Meet Your Nutritionist

Meet Your Nutritionist

Amy Richardson

Certified Nutrition Therapist (CNT)

Amy Richardson, Certified Nutrition Therapist, and founder of Living Well, LLC meets you wherever you may be on YOUR health and wellness journey.

She understands the mixed messages we are all bombarded with daily—in the news, social media, and propaganda.  Each of us have our own relationship with food, and we are all biochemically unique, and built differently! This is why there is no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL diet plan. This is why CALORIES IN/CALORIES OUT may not work for each of us.

Amy graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver and has been in practice as a Certified Nutrition Therapist since 2007. She also obtained a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Texas in 1992.

After struggling with her own health issues including postpartum depression, weight gain, anxiety, recurring sinus infections, and more challenges, she made some lifestyle changes and outgrew her career in advertising, pursuing holistic nutrition. More recently, she has (as gracefully as possible) embraced Menopause in her current season of life, which comes with all sorts of fun challenges!

Practicing alongside her husband, Dr. Brad Richardson, DC-BCN, they seek to elevate their patients' experience in healthcare.

To Amy, really "living well" means being in balance in every area of our lives.

Her passion is navigating a balanced path of wellness alongside each of her clients, addressing their unique makeups and lifestyles.