Nutrition & Weight Loss

Nutrition In Broomfield

There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition program. Every BODY is different and processes food differently. Find out how Amy will address YOUR nutritional needs to promote a healthy metabolism and get your body burning fat rather than storing it.

We are located in Broomfield, Colorado; however, our clients come from surrounding suburbs like Westminster, Lafayette, Erie, and Louisville, and all-around Boulder and Denver. Out of the area? No problem-Amy will gladly consult long-distance via phone or Zoom.

Are you Living Well?

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or improve your relationship with food, Amy will navigate a customized path for you.

It’s not just about calories or portion control. At Living Well, we take a whole-body approach to your health by investigating in:

  • Hormone Balance and Thyroid Function

  • Blood Sugar Balance

  • Digestion and Absorption

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Trauma And Stress/Chronic Burnout

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Lifestyle Habits

  • Liver function

  • and more …

Thrive, Don’t Just Survive

Schedule a consult with Amy to hear more about our customized, safe, effective weight loss programs.